There is something about Jongup that makes people feel relaxed - HC

There is something about Jongup that makes people feel relaxed - HC

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Q: Lately, is there anything make you feel really “Up” (excited) or laugh out the loudest?
Himchan: Moon Jong “Up” ♡ (laugh). Although it’s a half true half joking answer, it’s true that I feel a little bit more “up” when I’m with Jongup. The other members seem to think so too. Maybe it’s because Jongup really pay attention to what people say and react to it as well. You will laugh a lot when you are with Jongup ㅋㅋㅋ There is something about Jongup makes people feel relaxed. He said things that can not be considered as not crazy and made not only me but the other members and the staff laughed. The fact that he didn’t mean to make us laugh makes it more laughable.

Q: Haha, seems like Jongup’s charm is really great. You and Jongup are roommates at the dorm, right?
Himchan: I’m roommed with Jongup, Zelo and Daehyun are roommates, Yongguk and Youngjae each has their own rooms. The day we moved and arranged room was accidentally the day me and Jongup went out for dinner and came back late, the rooms were arranged and other members were asleep already. Jongup and I understand each other quite well so I’m very pleased with this arrangement. Moreover, my and Jongup’s sleeping times are also the same (laugh). Recently, I’m the type that sleep a lot. Jongup’s habit also fit with this one of mine so we go to sleep and wake up at the same time. Our waking up time is a little bit different from the others. We wake up when the sun set? Jongup ah, we should wake up earlier from now on ㅋㅋㅋ

Q: Living in the same room with Himchan and sleep a lot together, now you even have the same thought of only sleeping.
Jongup: The other members also teased me that it seems like I spend most of my time sleeping with Himchan hyung. The everage time we sleep can be 15 hours a day.

Kor - Viet translation: HaeNa
Viet - Eng translation: KathyMyon
Sorry in advance if there’s any mistakes.

Source: Himchan’s interview. Jongup’s interview

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NicoNico Live: B.A.P 4th Single “Excuse Me” Release event Party

When it’s Jongup’s turn to make patbingsu, Himchan gave him the ice shaved bowl then kept chanting “Uppu, Uppu, Jonguppu” [how Japanese fans say Jongup’s name] and said “So cute”.

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HQ pictures thanks to Moz

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Pretty sure Jongup tells Himchan that he is beautiful every single day and doesn’t need to change or go on a diet or anything , cause his hyung is perfect as he is.

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Jongup attempting to get mad but instead Himchan gets mad…

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hoshinspace ;
hi ouo i'd like to request somethign from the face off au if that's okay? maybe more teasing himup (that's never enough) or since i'm curious because they are my favorites, showing daejae's r/s with the rest of the blockb members! i remember jae mentioning smth about it once? yeah that'd be cool :3 (not asking for zibang bc you said you'd do it already) thanks ;w;


This came out much longer than I wanted so I’m sorry if you wanted a drabble.  >.<

Warnings:  One implied M-ish scene but otherwise tis clean.

The only reason Junhong was sitting quietly in study hall while Jongup and Himchan made googly eyes at each other and had their hands only god knows where under the table was because he had been promised an hour after school of time with just Jongup.  No Himchan’s allowed. 

He narrowed his eyes at the way Himchan’s whisper had Jongup laughing into his palm and it made him want to gag.

“Someone looks jealous.”  Himchan winked playfully at him from across the table.  “Do you want some Himchannie cuddles, too?”

“Touch me and I swear I will rip your arm off and feed it to you.”  He warned the older boy when his fingers got a little too close to his own.  “Do you two have to do this every second of the day?  It gets a little boring when you have no one to talk to because you guys can’t keep your hands off each other’s junk for more than five seconds.”

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Himchan is always there showing you how Jongup is doing

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Caption: Aja aja fighting today too!!

Caption: Aja aja fighting today too!!

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What do you love most about HimUp?

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