Jongup teasing Himchan when choosing his partner

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Anonymous ;
Can you tell me songs that you thing that combine with Himup relationship (in any level, friendly, romantically...)?

Personally, the most suitable one is still B.A.P - Secret Love and Yuri Chika - The Story of Tears . Whenever I listen to these songs, I think of them ^^

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Just one touch

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The sad story of Jongup & Shaved ice | trans cr.[x]
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Just give him the choco (¬_¬) | trans cr.[x]
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the love himchan has for jongup is so sincere it actually hurts my soul himchan just looks at jongup with an unbelievable amount of adoration like i bet in his mind he’s just thinking “you are so fucking cute i love you so much oh my god i want to snuggle you and cuddle you and pet you a little wow my own little puppy i love you jonguppie do u hear me i love u so thIS MUCH!!!!” cries

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Anonymous ;
I really love your blog, but can I say something? I miss the blog old times where you put feels about Himup In the tags of the posts. Why you don't do it anymore? It's something wrong?

Hii thanks alot! don’t worry there is nothing wrong ^^ I didn’t think people notice the tags but will make sure to put some feels in the tags like before :) 

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Anonymous ;
WHAT? ARE THEY ROOMATES? Where can I see it? :'D

It’s from this video and this article. Himchan himself said that Jongup is his roommate in the video at 3:48 ^^ 

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HimUp AKA Sleepy team  \(^ω^\)

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