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140915 MATO Castle Event

Q: If you were a female, which of the members would you date?

Himchan: Um…everyone knows already, right? It’s Jongup to me.

Q: The reason?

Himchan: Jongup is very carefree with whatever he does and I’m similar in type to him so we match (?) well.

After JU chose ZL (as a boyfriend if he was a girl)

Himchan: I’m ok, I’m ok….

Translation: cassie_babyz and  MusicChacoBABY

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Anonymous ;
Random question: Would you guys be hiring a new admin any time soon?


For the time being, even though we’re busy with our lives, we can still manage to update everytime there is something so we haven’t thought of looking for a new admin yet :D

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Love-struck ♥

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himchan we see you :-) 

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[Exclusive Interview] MTV Sessions with B.A.P in Singapore

*HimUp parts only

12) Can you share with us what you like and dislike about the members?
JongUp: I like HimChan and also dislike HimChan. HimChan is very friendly and what I dislike him about him..there are too many things! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

15) You guys are staying together in the dorm. Tell us one habit of each other.
JongUp: Himchan hyung has a bad habit. We sleep next to each other and when Himchan is sleeping, he moves a lot. Sometimes he will cross the line and sleep on my side.
Himchan: JongUp is more or less the same. Whenever we wake up, sometimes we’re at the other side because we move too much while we’re sleeping.

26) What is the one thing that you wish to be complimented?
Himchan: I want hear “I love you” from JongUp ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Cre: Full interview here

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