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how jongup shows affection towards himchan 

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Anonymous ;
Hey! I liked the masterpost with jojo five (I really love her too) and I was thInking if you would do another but with other fics of other authors like Sammie (she's an awesome Himup writer hehe). You should do an section just with the best fanfics or even promote a Himup exchange fic or something. Would be awesome!

Hello~ That’s a great idea. We’ll try to make one when we have more time and list out fanfics that we like. Thank you~~~

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B.A.P Interview in Haru Hana Magazine Vol. 26

Qs: Did anything change between your last round and this round of promotions?
YG: Hhh~m, we moved dorms (laughs). Up till now the six of us had slept in one room, so we didn’t really have ‘roommates’.
ZL: Now Daehyun hyung and I, Yongguk hyung and Youngjae hyung, and Himchan hyung and Jongup hyung share a room. [T/N: This was probably a translation error by the magazine….]
YJ: We didn’t plan to split the rooms up like this in the first place, it just came naturally by choosing the member who matched with our own lifestyle patterns.
HC: For example, Jongup and I sleep the most, so our lifestyle patterns match and we can enjoy many things together. I uploaded it onto Instagram, but we had like a meat party at midnight… (laughs). The two of us are basically always sleeping (laughs), so we don’t fight either.
DH: These two have been called “koala” by the rest of us lately. Their average sleep hours exceed 15 hours (laughs).
JU: There’s not many episodes other than sleep… (laughs). However I’ve become able to talk a lot with Himchan hyung, and I think that we’re becoming a better combo. Spending a casual day together really makes me feel that we’re roommates, and I really like this feeling!
Qs.If you were to give an example of your members in relation to coffee?
HC: Jongup is the buzzer you get when you wait for your drink. Don’t you feel happy when your drink is done and the buzzer buzzes?
Qs. From “just like Superman, no, Batman?”, which member is the most superhero-like?
ALL: This is Jongup!
HC: He definitely doesn’t take medicine even when he’s sick.
Qs. From “as long as we know our rule breaking limits, we’re free butterflies”, the most “free butterfly” member is?
HC: Jongup is amazing isn’t he. He sleeps when he wants to, eats when he wants to, an unruly lifestyle. Not unruly, there are no rules!
JU: Himchan hyung himself is the one who suits the phrase ‘butterfly’.
Cr: BYS Fansite
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Master Post

I’ve been reading The Reeducation of Himchan and The Scattered Stars Effect written by Jojo and I love them so much. She has always been my most favorite HimUp author and I recommend you guys should read her latest pieces:

The Reeducation of Himchan: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

The Scattered Stars Effect: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |

Addicted (Oneshot)

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The Reeducation of Himchan part nine


Pairing:  ZiChan/HimUp

Rated:  PG13

Length:  3K

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Anonymous ;
hey, do you still have any banners left? c:

Hello~ We still have some banners left if you’re interested~ :D

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why jongup doesnt update


why jongup doesnt update

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